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25 Money Related Blogs: Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs for 2023

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The most popular personal finance blogs for 2023


NerdWallet is here to assist users “Make all the right money moves.” The website began with the launch of 2009 but has developed to become one of the top financial blogs online. With millions of readers per month This money blog has comprehensive articles to assist you in making financial decisions regarding banking as well as insurance, credit cards and many more. In addition, NerdWallet also has plenty of financial tools that can aid you in locating the best accounts for loans, credit, and cards.

Good Financial Cents

Good Financial Cents was launched by Jeff Rose back in 2008. In contrast to the majority of bloggers featured on this list, Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner. He also has his own YouTube channel, and has written his own book entitled Soldier of Finance. The personal finance blog offers plenty of useful information regarding budgeting, savings as well as debt reduction and creating wealth. Jeff has written a lot of blog posts on his own, and many other top writers in personal finance contribute numerous articles.

The Balance

The Balance is a large personal finance website which has been in operation for over 20 years. The blog has more than 9,000 articles and has a staggering 24 million readers per month. The Balance is staffed by experienced writers on its team. This is why numerous posts focus on the fine aspects of personal finances. In the end, whatever you’d like to learn about finance, you will discover useful information on this most popular blog on money.


Mint is a personal finance software firm which also hosts one of the most popular blog about money online. The blog posts have been written by a group of financial experts. They provide a wide range of subjects, including budgeting and financial planning for families, traveling, and even money-related etiquette. There are also a lot of information on the financial aspects of COVID-19.

The Simple Dollar Simple Dollar

Simple Dollar Simple Dollar was created at the end of 2006 by Trent Hamm when he resolved to end his debt completely. It’s one of the longest-running and most well-known money blogs online. Simple Dollar is one of the most popular blogs on money. Simple Dollar provides tons of recent information regarding credit cards and loans, banking and insurance. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of practical advice for budgeting and paying off debt and saving money. Articles are written by a range of experts.

The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder was started back in the year 2010. The massive personal finance website is home to more than 12 million readers per month and has a nearly limitless amount of content on anything from earning money to tackling taxes. Whatever you require assistance in, this money management blog will offer resources for you.

Money Crashers

Money Crashers was founded at the end of 2009 by Andrew Schrage and Gyutae Park. The Money Crashers blog is full of information regarding personal finances, with a particular focus on credit cards. It’s an excellent place for you to look on for the top deals on credit cards, particularly with numerous in-depth credit cards reviews. The blog also has articles on investing in savings, investing, and making money.

Money under 30

“Money Under 30 began way back in 2006 with David Weliver. The blog was created to discuss the lessons he had learned when he paid off $80,000 in debt. It’s now one of the top websites on finances that caters to Millennials or Generation Z. The posts cover all things from good habits and credit scores to taking care of credit cards properly and buying a vehicle.

Very Well – Kept Wallet

Well maintained Wallet was launched in the year 2010. It’s managed by Financial Planner and personal finance expert Deacon Hayes. Dean has paid off $52,000 of debt and launched the blog to assist others manage their financial situations. Presently, Well Kept Wallet features the work of a group of professional personal finance writers who can assist you in saving money, get rid of debt, and earn money.

The Dave Ramsey Blog of Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey Blog Dave Ramsey Blog The Dave Ramsey Blog is only one aspect of Dave Ramsey’s business in finance education. There’s also a live radio show and podcast, a YouTube channels, online training, personal financial tools, a budgeting application, and much many more. Dave is a straight-forward approach, and a ‘tell it as it is’ style. The blog is filled with helpful posts that address typical questions on personal finances. Take a look at this blog on money for more information on the subject of debt, investing, retirement, and much more.

You just need to start Investing

Just Start Investing is a blog about money that’s on the goal of making investing simple and straightforward. The majority of the posts are related with investing strategies, but there are many other articles on budgeting banks, budgeting, along with credit card. It also has a collection of resources to you begin your look to find financial products. If you’re looking to learn more about investing take a look at this blog on finance.

Mr. Money Mustache

The Mr. Money Mustache may have an unusual title for a private blog about finances however don’t let that discourage you from. This blog on money offers a wealth of information on ‘FIRE’, financial independence, retirement early and plenty of advice on planning your budget and savings. Money Mustache. Money Mustache has been among the top finance bloggers on the web. He is known to break down financial math into engaging and simple articles.

Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai was started in 2009 by Sam Dogen to try to understand the current economic crisis. Sam was in the field of finance for over 10 years and decided to share his knowledge through his blog about money. Much like the character Mr. Money Mustache, Financial Samurai has had a significant influence upon people in the FIRE community. Expect a lot of counter-culture perspectives and practical tips for managing your finances.

Millennial Money

Millennial Money was created in the year 2000 by Grant Sabatier, who went from being broke to millionaire in just five years. Grant’s story was extensively documented on financial blogs and television show, and later he soon became famous as the “Millennial millionaire.’ Grant uses this blog as a way to communicate his own personal financial experiences with other. Much of the personal finance blog’s content is directed towards financial independence and early retirement.

Budgets are Sexy

Budgets are Sexy was created by J. Money (also called ‘J’) $’), which is considered to be one of the FIRE movement’s founding fathers. As you’ll probably be able to discern from the title of this money blog, the content is basic and simple. Alongside the wealth of information included in the articles there are also tools like printable Excel spreadsheets for budgeting. In the year 2019, J. Money bought the website from an affiliate of The Motley Fool but not much has changed. Today, J. Money is still involved however, there’s a new chief writer.

Get Rich Slowly

The program Get Rich Slowly was started in 2006 by J.D. Roth who is a further proponent for financial freedom and earlier retirement. The blog on money is also exploring the realm of mindset and self-improvement. Get Rich Slowly provides valuable resources, like an estimate of net worth and one-page guides towards financial independence.

You can get anything

The ability to purchase anything

Afford Anything is among the top financial blogs for young people. It’s managed by Paula Pant, another advocate of the Financial Independence and Early Retirement movement. Paula’s blog posts are straightforward and personal, making it seem that she’s providing you with personal tips. Her principle? You can get anything you want – but not all of it. If you’d like to leave your job and go on a journey around across the globe This is the money blog for you.

A Purple Life

The Purple Life was launched in the year 2015 by a blogger who was 25 and looking to take her retirement, at 35. In spite of the recession that hit the economy in 2021 her goal is to retire five years before when she turns 30. Most of the blog posts discuss early retirement, however there’s plenty to learn about planning, investing as well as spending. The financial independence blog is real, relatable and a great spot to gain inspiration.

Choose to FI

ChooseFI is a money-related blog packed with practical tips to help you make more money, reduce costs, save more and accumulate wealth for the long term. It was founded by Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett who are also the hosts of their popular ChooseFI podcast. This personal finance website also provides a variety of online courses , including an online travel rewards course for free. The best part about ChooseFI is its community that has created within the Blog.

Women Who Make Money

The Women Who Money is one of the top female-focused financial websites. It was designed to equip women with the information and expertise required for making better financial choices. The content is focused on the specifics associated with being female the current financial climate. The team of writers is comprised of experts in personal finance who are willing to assist women in achieving financial success.

Bitches Get Riches

Bitches Get Riches has been voted considered to be one of the most popular female-focused financial websites. The unique, personal financial blog was launched in the year 2015 by Kitty (Lauren Torres) and “Piggy” (Jess Fickett). The posts on the blog are funny, outrageous and, at times, controversial. For a glimpse of what to expect you can find titles such as “How to Pay for College without Selling Your Soul to the Devil,” and “How Can I Justify This Deeply Unethical Purchase?” Additionally, Kitty and Piggy aren’t scared to use the ‘F” word!

Penny Pinchin”Mom

Penny Pinchin’ Mama was founded on September 9, 2009, with the help of Tracie Fobes. This is among the top blogs on saving money there. It has useful resources and advice on budgeting and being debt-free and coupons. There are also many articles about lifestyle issues like recipes as well as DIY projects and parenting. If you’re a family with young children in need of guidance take a look at this blog on personal finance.

Money Saving Mom

Money-Saving Mom was created by Crystal Paine in 2006. The initial focus of Crystal was cutting down on the cost of living for families by through tools such as coupons. Today, the website offers a variety of ways to save money and provides information about frugal living as well as family budgeting and online sales on purchases.
The Top personal finance blogs for Canadians

Maple Money

Maple Money is a leading personal finance blog that is aimed at Canadians However, much of its content is pertinent to Americans and other nations. It’s managed by Tom Drake, who aims to assist readers in achieving long-term financial security. Four major content categories show readers how to make money and save, invest and make wise spending decisions. Tom is also the host of a podcast about personal finance.


Squawkfox is an individual finance blog written by Kerry Taylor, a Canadian consumer expert on finance, author also a speaker at keynote events. Kerry utilizes this blog to provide her top strategies and tips to help you make the most value from your money. Squawkfox is often an online lifestyle magazine that has a strong personal finance aspect, so should you be looking for someone to talk to , and even learn from, make sure to check the site out.

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